Monthly Archives: October 2012


Woooooow. I had the chance to see Rebecca Mayes live last night and I loved it. Such a beautiful voice, and wonderful stories.


Finally ! Finally I was able to get the first cd of School is Cool !

Remember I told you about this great band back in July. Well I saw them again live few days ago and they were really good again. This time it was in a very small venue and in front of people not familiar with their music. But this did not stop them to give us a great show with so much energy.

This is one of the best CD of 2012 for me ! They fit perfectly between Arcade Fire and Of Monsters and Men.

Why didn’t we heard of them before !

I just CAN’T pick a song for you, just press play and enjoy !

An other album, an other masterpiece.

Matthew Bellamy is not only a great musician/singer/show man, but also an amazing composer. His albums are becoming more and more complex and I love it. Oh and what about those “new” sounds ! The last two songs of the CD are mixing classical with dubstep made with their own instrument and not computers.

They show their supremacy on modern rock. They will be our led zep/queen of future generations.

Feel the genius and enjoy.