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I was going through my feed of news when this song came up in my headphones. I just froze and was blown away by the first lick of guitar. The rest of the song is also amazing. Everything is so clean, you can hear every instruments so well, but it still get that dirty blues vibe. Love it.

I never heard about Jonathan before this morning but I know what I will listen to all day now, so thank you Jessica

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How To Destroy Angels released their new video today ! It’s superb !

Trent Reznor is one of my favorite producer. I admire the way he work with sounds and ambiances, and combine with Mariqueen voice it’s beautiful. The slow build up is so discrete that you kind of wonder if there was one at the beginning. So simple but it’s hypnotizing, just as the video.

It’s kind of funny cause today they showed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on TV and I was so excited to see again this movie mostly due his work with Atticus to create a perfect soundtrack.


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Andy Allo, Prince’s new protege, came up with her first video for her new album Superconductor, so it’s time to get Funky !

The song is great. It’s so groovy and joyful and I dare you to stay on your chair while you listen to it. How can you resist to so many horns and great musician. P lent her the best. John Blackwell on drums, Ida Nielsen on Bass and I’m pretty sure Maceo Parker and Trombone Shorty are on the track even if you don’t see them in the video.

I did not took the time yet to listen her full album so I can’t comment on it, but I love this single.

Nod your head and Enjoy.

If you had to associate folk music to a country I’m pretty sure you would pick USA, but a lot of talented musician from other countries grew up with the melodies of Dylan, Young, Cash… Guess what? Now they want to play this music too. So I want to start a recurring feature to make you travel around the world with folk in your hears.

First stop: France

Let me introduce you to Theodore, Paul & Gabriel.

Yes those three beautiful ladies took boy’s names as their stage names. This is their first album but it’s already excellent. Beautiful voices/choirs/melodies/guitars… What more can you ask?

I’m going to add this video too, the sound is not great but the song is … well mystical.



I have to admit I am a big big fan of Prince. I know some people have problem with the man, but as a musician he is one of best of our time. He is killing it on any instrument he grab and he is giving us so many songs. They are not all great but they are groovy and joyful.

This one is kind of cheesy but it still bring my so much joy and make me want to dance even with the cold rain outside. The video is pretty cool too.

Let the groove flow and enjoy,

This one is for a slow dance.

I have to admit that I never heard this song before I saw Austin Hartley-Leonard play it live, so I pretty sure I’m bias, but I enjoy a lot his cover. I know it’s pretty “easy” to slow down a song and play it on a acoustic guitar to make soooo cool. But the lyrics of this song are so sad that they fit perfectly the ambiance created by Broken Anchor.

Did I mention that Broken Anchor let you decide how much you want to give them for their three EPs ! So be thankful and give them a few bucks.



The new album of most creative rocker in france came out last week. Once again it’s really good.

Matthieu Chedid is a really talented musician but also a fantastic songwriter. If you want to work on your french while listening some good music, grab any of his CD and look for the lyrics online.

So relax its just the mojo !

Shake your shoulders and enjoy.