Dave Matthews Band – ‘Grey Street’

We have an amazing TV show called “Rendez-Vous En Terre Inconnue”, in which one celebrity travel to a very isolated population somewhere on earth. It sounds like a very bad idea, but the production is actually very well done and everything is made to respect the culture of those people and not “invade them”. Once you see this show you will understand that it very different to all the other “travel” programs.

Anyway, this week they add a side-show of this program where they went back to this people to show them the movie made from the first trip. One of the population was the Korowaï living in West Papua, they live naked in the forest. The celebrity who went there is a singer. Four years ago she sang one of her song to them with a small guitar. Some of them cried, some of them were stunned and other said it was one the most beautiful thing they ever heard. It was the first time that they heard “western” music. Since this first trip they did not saw any other people. I realized that they had to wait a very long time to be able to feel again those precise emotions that only some songs can bring you.

It’s really hard for me to imagine that I would have to wait so long to hear again a song I loved. Most of the time I will rush to the web, buy the song and put it on repeat for few days. I checked my last fm charts and apparently this song is the one I listened the most for the past few years (Of course it doesn’t count my ipod and the CDs in the car and all the songs that haunted my teenage years)

136 times ! can’t believe it. And it’s not really my favorite song if I had to choose.

Take a look at your charts and enjoy your luck !


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