Asaf Avidan – ‘Your Anchor’

If you had to associate folk music to a country I’m pretty sure you would pick USA, but a lot of talented musician from other countries grew up with the melodies of Dylan, Young, Cash… Guess what? Now they want to play this music too. So Folk around the World is a recurring feature to make you travel while listening to some amazing artists.

First stop of the year: Israel

Asaf Avidan is was the front man of the Israeli rock band “Asaf Avidan & the Mojos”. They released three albums together and he is about to released a solo album called “Different Pulses”. After the break with his band Asaf toured with only his guitar and harmonica. People enjoyed so much those intimate shows that Asaf decided to rent a small room and record some songs. The result is amazing. This video is one of the 19 you can watch/listen/buy at


Since we all love to dance here and Asaf got his major international breakthrough with a remix, here the Reckokning song remix. Press play, dance and enjoy (but don’t forget the true talent of Asaf)



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