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Sometime you hear a new song and you’re like ‘mehhh this is ok’, then few hours/days later you have this weird melody in your head and you don’t know where it’s from. Until you realize that your mind really want to listen again to this ‘ok’ song. Somehow you almost miss this gem.

This is exactly what happen with this song. So thank you my brain for reminding me that this song is superb.





Let’s be generous today ! An other free download. This time it’s all about the soul with the beautiful singer Alice Russell from UK.

In case you missed it, she released her first video for the new CD ‘to dust’ last november and it’s really good. So much groove and soul (and so funny). Her new album will be released on February 25th and you should definitely check it out.


Website — Pre Order



I have to admit that I’m in love with Erykah’s voice since the first time I heard ‘You got me’. All her albums and featuring have been pretty amazing. She already started to move toward electronic music with songs like ‘The Healer’ or ‘Window Seat’ in her New Amerykah part 1 & 2.

Bonobo is also an artist I really enjoy. He is making such beautiful calm and relaxing songs. So the mix of the two is just marvelous !

The album will be available on April 1st.

Just relax and enjoy,

Pre-order on his Website

VandaveerIn 2011 Vandaveer gave an amazing album with ‘Dig Down Deep’. They are coming back with a new album on april 30th. OH, WILLIE, PLEASE… A NEW ALBUM OF TRADITIONAL FOLK MURDER BALLADS. Sounds exciting ! The first single fit perfectly the description.

Grab a glass, lay back, listen to the ballad and Enjoy,

you can download the single here


Somehow I totally missed the news about Houndmouth. As usual La lune des pirates was there to save the day. It was a quiet night at the bar but that did not stop this band to give us a great show for their second concert ever in France.

On their first EP released last summer is really good but also wayyy to short especially after the superb set of 10-13 songs they gave us the other night. I guess I will have to have those four songs on repeat until they give us a full CD.

First Krampus ! What more can you say than I would walk a thousand miles with this song and still fell really happy.

Houndmouth like to surprise us by changing the role between songs. All four members sings, and they can play multiple instruments. On the last song of their set, a beautiful cover, they ALL switched instruments and all sang a verse. On Houston Train we have the chance to hear the great voice of their beautiful organist.


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