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You all know that I love Typhoon so this new video made my day.

Some people were lucky enough to see them play a very special concert. Tender loving empire is really generous to share with us a video of this show.  Apparently this is the ‘1st in a series of videos’, so maybe we will be able to see the other songs played !

Oh and their next album should be almost ready ! Hooray !



I know I said I will give you only blues music this week, but the Shaolin Temple Defenders were also playing at the festival I went to and I though that a funk song is perfect for a Friday ! They are one of the best Funk Band in France. It’s so easy to love them. They are true to the soul spirit. You can feel that the funk flow in their veins.

They released their new album ‘From the Inside’ last month and were featured on Okayplayer last week.



robert kellyI already talk about Robert Kelly at the beginning of this blog but I had to share a news with you. You can grab his album for free from Noisetrade (but you should really tip him cause the album is a gem!)

This album is one of the most joyful and sincere album I ever heard. I first heard him play in a small venue 2 years ago and I still listen to this album nearly every other months.

It’s really hard for me to pick one song to share, cause I love the entire album so I guess I will just put the main title and trust you to go listen the rest !!

Can’t wait for a new album ! It’s been too long Robert !

Smile & Enjoy,

Website — Noisetrade



This is simple blues ! A voice, a homemade guitar, a homemade cajon and a harmonica. This is where the blues come from. Simple music played on whatever you had around.  Those two fantastic musicians were elected best blues band of UK in 2012.

Just an other one for the road.

They are in the process of recording a new album and you can pre-order it on the Pledge website (link at the end)


PLEDGE — Website

Get ready to tap your feet, clap your hands, shake your head… actually it might be easier to just stand up and get crazy and I decline any responsibility if you start singing out loud. The Delta Saints make some really really good raw blues/rock. It’s been a long time since I didn’t heard rock songs that made me want to dance so much, maybe since Robert Randolph. Don’t get me wrong Alabama shakes, the black keys, Kings of leon… gave us really good songs, but they don’t have that delta groove.

Want more ?


BUY — Website

What more can I say ! The title of their song is perfect. This is Blues Hip-Hop ! An awesome mix of slide guitar, scratching, old samples, groovy beat and rap.

Their latest album ‘Evil & Crossroads’ came out last year and is full of great songs like this one:

If you are still 100% convinced by the talent of those boys, well, press play on the next video.

Their two albums are available on bandcamp for ‘Name your Price’ so go treat yourself with some blues hip-hop.




I’m sorry that I did not post a lot last week. We had a great blues festival in my hometown, so that’s why I was kind of busy. So what about a week of blues tunes to make it up ? I will share with you my favorites acts.

First Derrin Nauendorf. This man can play the guitar !! One voice and a guitar is all he need to take you away in his world.

The next video is a bit older but I had too share this song. It’s the first one he played the other night, and I got hook immediately.


BUY — Website


Just few more days until Phosphorescent release their new album ‘Muchacho’. We already had a preview of the album with the beautiful ‘Song for Zula’.

Now you can listen to the full album on NPR here . I would recommend ‘The Quotidian Beasts’ it’s such an amazing 7min jam, but really you should just press play and let the music flow !




This post is a bit different. This is about a movie but a movie about music so I guess it’s ok.

If you like me you grew up with Nirvana, RATM, Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age, NIN, Red Hot…. Or if you are a bit older and listened to Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Rick Springfield… Or you just love music in general, well you should definitely watch this movie.

I just watched it and it’s really really good. I learned so much about how all those amazing albums are connected to each other. It’s also give you that warm feeling inside, seeing old images of your heros. I don’t know it’s kind of hard to explain, just go watch it and you will understand, and don’t be surprise if your head start to bang.

Dave bought the board when the studio closed in 2011 and decided to record an album with many of the musician who made sound city famous. This album will be released next week on March 12th. You can pre-order it on iTunes (even if after seeing the documentary you kind you wish you could grab it on LP). You will get this song with the pre-order.



I’m pretty sure that you are aware that the first album of pickwick is coming out next week but do you know that you can already listen to it on soundcloud ? No ? Well what are you waiting for ? click here.

If you don’t, I will make it quick by saying that last year we had Alabama Shakes and this year it will be Pickwick.

I listened to the cd already 5 times between yesterday and today and for the moment my favorite song would be ‘Window Sill’. It’s dirty, it’s full of distortions, it’s punchy… just love it.

You can listen to the rest of the album here and you can grab your free song ‘Lady luck’ (my second favorite of the album) on there website.


Website — Preorder