Mono – ‘Unseen Harbor’

I loved this band for so many years. I can even tell you exactly where I was when I first heard their music sometimes in 2005. I was in a bus going to a evening lecture at the university, which mean that the bus road where longer, and at one point ‘A Speeding Car’ from ‘One Step More and You Die’ came up on my iPod. The beginning was nice and melodic but then everything exploded, the drum got really powerful, the distortion on the guitars invaded every single parts of my mind…. and all of a sudden then they just left me there in that quiet late night bus.

Well I was finally able to see them live the other night and I was very lucky because they were playing in a very small venue, so it ended up like a private concert.

I know this is a 14 min song but if you never heard of Mono and like bands like Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, GY!BE or even Sigur Ros or Pink Floyd I’m sure you will not regret pressing play.

If I had to choose one band to write the soundtrack of my life I’m pretty sure I would ask Mono to do it.  It’s melancholic, beautiful, epic, powerful…

Lay down close your eyes and just Enjoy,

Bandcamp — Facebook


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