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This post is about two things. First, about a great cover made by Daughter, once again her superb voice and musical world result in a beautiful song.

Second, that the original is really disappointing. We’ve been waiting for a new Daft Punk cd for 8 years and they give us ‘get lucky’ ! Ok we have a really cool guitar part done by Nile Rodgers but this is normal this guy is a god when it comes to funky rhythm guitar, but why did they ask him to do just 4 chords when he could do so much more (see video below). Then Pharrell is doing an ok job on the vocal, but Daft Punk is not really known for his lyrics so it’s fine. So we have a cool guitar and an ok voice but where is Daft Punk ? OHHH yeah they put the robot voices with basically the exact same variations that they used 8 years ago. Other than that we have no intro, no bridge (no the robot rock part is not a bridge) , no build up, no sick new sounds… just the same sample over and over. I get it that they wanted to do some music in the style of ‘Chic’, but if you listen to ‘Chic”s songs you will hear that it’s full of small musical phrases.

We all know that they can compose music. Homework is a masterpiece and is part of electronic music history. Discovery was a bit more ‘pop’ but it’s like a modern symphony. In Human after all they went back to their sound and it was dirty, it was raw, it was powerful… it was great ! Their try at OST with the Tron soundtrack was also amazing.

I really hope the CD will be much better than this ‘hit’.

Sorry about that I will let you enjoy the beautiful cover of an average song. Enjoy


I think I found my favorite song for 2013. I know it’s kind of early to say this but it’s been a long time since I heard a song that good. I’ve been impress by some, I fell in love at first listen with some others, but this is one is something else.

First I’m just obsess with the sentence she repeat four times in the middle of the song. “It’s as if leprosy, it landed on the moon and it cast a filthy glow in the world and in my room”. The musical rhythm is just perfect and I wouldn’t mind if she would just make a song with just repeated over and over this. BUT then the rest is also amazing ! All those changes in tempo, those speeding up drums, those breaks, those powerful guitars… oh and this beautiful voice ! Everything is just perfect. So please have a listen of this song. As I write this I have already listened to this song about 20 times in just 2 days and I can assure you that it will be part of many of my playlist this year.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you that the rest of the album is also really good.





Let’s be a bit more joyful today and blast some pop music through our speakers. Little Boots is releasing her second album in May and we already had a small preview with her first single ‘Motorway’.  This second single is a bit more punchy and somehow make me think of Kylie Minogue (in a good way)   so I think it will be stuck on repeat for today (or week).

If you are not familiar with Little Boots, you need to watch this video. She is not your average pop-star but a real musician and talented composer.

And she used to do great covers too.



thao we the common

I have to apologize to you all. I’ve been holding a really good song for way too long. Apparently I’ve been listing to this song since Feb 2 and somehow I did not share it with. ‘We the Common’ have been my go too song when ever I start a music session. I get in my car and what do I put first ? ‘We the Common’ ! I want to put some music in my room and the first track of the playlist ? ‘We the Common’ ! Well you get it. I can’t really explain why I have this need to listen to this precise song, but it’s there. Maybe its the woo hoo hoo, maybe the banjo, maybe i wanted a villain. Not sure but I love it.

Oh and I finally listened to the rest of the album and it’s really good too. Guess which song is first ? ;)

I won’t make you waste anymore time, press play and enjoy,




The National is one of those band that I discovered way too late. The first time I listened to one of there album must have been in 2008 ! Which means that I missed Their debut album, Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers, the Cherry Tree EP, Alligator AND Boxer !!

Well now I’m making sure to not miss anymore of their songs, and today they released their first video for the new album ‘Trouble will find me’.


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