Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – ‘We The Common’

thao we the common

I have to apologize to you all. I’ve been holding a really good song for way too long. Apparently I’ve been listing to this song since Feb 2 and somehow I did not share it with. ‘We the Common’ have been my go too song when ever I start a music session. I get in my car and what do I put first ? ‘We the Common’ ! I want to put some music in my room and the first track of the playlist ? ‘We the Common’ ! Well you get it. I can’t really explain why I have this need to listen to this precise song, but it’s there. Maybe its the woo hoo hoo, maybe the banjo, maybe i wanted a villain. Not sure but I love it.

Oh and I finally listened to the rest of the album and it’s really good too. Guess which song is first ? ;)

I won’t make you waste anymore time, press play and enjoy,



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