Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – ‘Bird Balloons’


I think I found my favorite song for 2013. I know it’s kind of early to say this but it’s been a long time since I heard a song that good. I’ve been impress by some, I fell in love at first listen with some others, but this is one is something else.

First I’m just obsess with the sentence she repeat four times in the middle of the song. “It’s as if leprosy, it landed on the moon and it cast a filthy glow in the world and in my room”. The musical rhythm is just perfect and I wouldn’t mind if she would just make a song with just repeated over and over this. BUT then the rest is also amazing ! All those changes in tempo, those speeding up drums, those breaks, those powerful guitars… oh and this beautiful voice ! Everything is just perfect. So please have a listen of this song. As I write this I have already listened to this song about 20 times in just 2 days and I can assure you that it will be part of many of my playlist this year.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you that the rest of the album is also really good.




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