Daughter – ‘Get Lucky’

This post is about two things. First, about a great cover made by Daughter, once again her superb voice and musical world result in a beautiful song.

Second, that the original is really disappointing. We’ve been waiting for a new Daft Punk cd for 8 years and they give us ‘get lucky’ ! Ok we have a really cool guitar part done by Nile Rodgers but this is normal this guy is a god when it comes to funky rhythm guitar, but why did they ask him to do just 4 chords when he could do so much more (see video below). Then Pharrell is doing an ok job on the vocal, but Daft Punk is not really known for his lyrics so it’s fine. So we have a cool guitar and an ok voice but where is Daft Punk ? OHHH yeah they put the robot voices with basically the exact same variations that they used 8 years ago. Other than that we have no intro, no bridge (no the robot rock part is not a bridge) , no build up, no sick new sounds… just the same sample over and over. I get it that they wanted to do some music in the style of ‘Chic’, but if you listen to ‘Chic”s songs you will hear that it’s full of small musical phrases.

We all know that they can compose music. Homework is a masterpiece and is part of electronic music history. Discovery was a bit more ‘pop’ but it’s like a modern symphony. In Human after all they went back to their sound and it was dirty, it was raw, it was powerful… it was great ! Their try at OST with the Tron soundtrack was also amazing.

I really hope the CD will be much better than this ‘hit’.

Sorry about that I will let you enjoy the beautiful cover of an average song. Enjoy


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