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We will do things differently this time. First press play and then we talk:

So how do you like this great song from 1962 ! Wait what ? This was made in 2012 from a 17 years old english boy ?? I know this is crazy but true. I saw this young men walking on stage in a pair of jean and a white shirt make 12000 people dance on new “vintage” country music. It was amazing. The rest of his album is also really good. If you are missing Dylan, Cash, Young and the other you should give it a spin.

You can also grab a free song from Jake here:




nextwave sessionsI feel like dancing today ! Bloc Party is here to save the day once again. Their new and maybe last EP will come out on august 12th. The first single “Ratchet” is an awesome tune. If you don’t stand up and start dancing I don’t know what more I can do for you.  Oh and don’t worry your monitor/computer is fine ;)






Sorry for the lack of new music but I’ve been stuck on one album. Somehow the only thing I want to listen is “Trouble Will Find Me”, the latest CD from The National. I bought the album 2 or 3 days after it’s official release and my first spin of the CD was in the car on the way home. I have to admit that I was not impress with most of the songs, except maybe “I need my girl”. Then I saw them live at Rock Werchter and I had the weird feeling that I knew EVERY songs they where playing even if they played a lot of the new songs: “Should I Live in Salt”, “Demons”, “Don’t swallow the cap”, “Sea of Love”, “This is the last time” and “Graceless”. I only heard those songs two time before going to this festival and yet I knew the words, the rhythm and the melody. When you see/hear something majestic even if you are not ready for it your brain will realize how good it is and put it on the side until you are mood to accept the beauty in it.

I wake up nearly everyday with one of those beautiful line stuck in my head: “You should know me better than that”, “I stay down with my demons”, “Hey Jo sorry I hurt you, but they say love is a virtue don’t they?”, “I see you rushing you tell me how to reach you””I need my girl”…





October 15th !! create a reminder in your calendar. Pearl Jam is releasing a new album. Can’t believe that it’s been already 4 years since “Backspacer”. I got into Pearl Jam quite late compare to many of you I’m sure but I was into really hard stuff younger so PJ was “too soft”. Don’t worry I realized my mistake. I own all their CDs, saw them 3 times live, lost my voice singing “Yeah !ohoh I’m still alive” and always have a copy of “rearviewmirror” in my car. This is the first single and it sounds pretty good.