Passenger – ‘Holes’


Today I was walking around for the first time in the city in which I will live for the next year. The sun was shinning so I just let myself wandering in the streets with some nice music in my headphones, trying to find a song to share with you. At a crossroad where I planned to turn right, I stopped and decided to keep going for a few blocks in the same street. I was just few meters in when I heard some people clapping. A small group of people were watching a man playing the guitar on a box next to a park. Somehow his voice sounded familiar. I got a little closer and realized that it was Mike Rosenberg aka Passenger. I have to admit that I only knew few songs and never payed to much attention to his stories. Being there in this sunny street gave me a new vision of his songs, especially one: “Holes”.

This specific song is perfect to introduce this new path in my life. We all have a hole in life, small or big, but we carry on. Of course I’m a little afraid of this choice and all those new things, but some people have much bigger holes and they carry on. I could have turn right and miss this show, or stop to take a coffee and walk in empty street missing a show by a few minutes, but no I got lucky and was able to sing with few other people. This is how I will remember my first day in Montreal.



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