Monthly Archives: September 2013

I’m so happy cause the new Naked and Famous came out this week and they managed to give us second album as good as the first one ! I listened to the “Passive Me, Aggressive You” album so many times those past years. Always coming back to it when I needed something to dance on. So this week when I pressed play for the first time and that synth came on with a catchy guitar on top I could not stop myself smiling.

The entire album is really good, but my favorite song for the moment is ‘To Move With Purpose’. I usually don’t put spotify links on this blog but I could not found this song anywhere yet. 5 min of crescendo to get your energy up. 

Their first single is also pretty good.



The new Arcade Fire is on it’s way. Only 47 more days to wait ! But if you are living in Montreal you might have the chance to listen to some of the new songs. The Reflektors aka Arcade Fire rented the Salsateque to do throw some small concerts. I had the chance to go there the other night and I can tell you that those 47 days are going to be long. I liked Arcade Fire before but those new songs are just incredibles. It’s a bit more groovy, a bit more dirty, a bit more poppy. If you don’t like the single “Reflektor”, I’m sorry for you cause the other songs (at least the ones they played) are in the same style. James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem produced the album with Markus Dravs and Arcade Fire and you can feel is sound.

And go check this website Once again they gave us some really cool virtual video. (This one was really amazing too)



Last night I had the chance to witness greatness  ! The Snarky Puppy were playing last night in Montreal. I’ve been told many times that those guys are really good and I listened to their LP a lot but it was the first seeing them live  for me. It was incredible. Their symbiosis is just perfect. They just have to look at each other to get a sick jam turning into a battle between a keyboard and a trumpet. They will also surprise the rest of the band by sliding great riff/beat while no one is watching. You can see that they are having a lot of fun on stage and that’s how you produce great show.

Their new CD is coming out September 24th featuring 8 different artists.


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