Monthly Archives: May 2015

So this was the day…

Yesterday I woke up and as usual checked my phone to see the headlines and the sad sad news was the first on the list.

It’s not like it’s a surprise. The King was getting old, with serious health issues and, as I said in an older post, pushing his body to the limit by touring at his age.

But still it made me really sad. I learned my pentatonic scale on his songs, especially the thrill is gone. He was my first dose of blues. I used to be in punk rock, metal, nu-metal… as a classic teenager, but I slowly fell in love with the blues thanks to him. Started to buy blues compilation, them picking my favorites players, then getting to classic rocker inspired by the blues… I have to thank him for opening a whole new world of music to me.

I don’t really remember which song I heard first, but I know that when I bought the Riding with the king album in 2000 I had the cd on repeat for hours and hours. I don’t really know if purist have a very good opinion of the album but for me it definitely in my top 3 all time. The guitars are just amazing, two styles but both great. A mix of slow blues (Three o clock blues) , electric funky blues (Marry you) , acoustic blues (Key to the highway).. what more do you need. I even bought the songbook, and spent hours jamming “with them”.  Well I just love this album.

Do you have any artist that changed your life ?

I’m gonna grab my guitar and jam with the king.

This is my new obsession. On her first album I got stuck on the few lines of the bridge “It’s as if leprosy, it landed on the moon
And it cast a filthy glow in the world and in my room”. I would not mind to have just this part on repeat for an entire song.

Once again it’s only few lyrics, but so many breaks in the song, so many ways to sing them, so many harmonies.

“Keep your silence golden and words important
You’re only a handsome animal”

It’s going to take me a while to get over this song and be able to listen to the rest of the album.