B.B. King – ‘Riding with the king’

So this was the day…

Yesterday I woke up and as usual checked my phone to see the headlines and the sad sad news was the first on the list.

It’s not like it’s a surprise. The King was getting old, with serious health issues and, as I said in an older post, pushing his body to the limit by touring at his age.

But still it made me really sad. I learned my pentatonic scale on his songs, especially the thrill is gone. He was my first dose of blues. I used to be in punk rock, metal, nu-metal… as a classic teenager, but I slowly fell in love with the blues thanks to him. Started to buy blues compilation, them picking my favorites players, then getting to classic rocker inspired by the blues… I have to thank him for opening a whole new world of music to me.

I don’t really remember which song I heard first, but I know that when I bought the Riding with the king album in 2000 I had the cd on repeat for hours and hours. I don’t really know if purist have a very good opinion of the album but for me it definitely in my top 3 all time. The guitars are just amazing, two styles but both great. A mix of slow blues (Three o clock blues) , electric funky blues (Marry you) , acoustic blues (Key to the highway).. what more do you need. I even bought the songbook, and spent hours jamming “with them”.  Well I just love this album.

Do you have any artist that changed your life ?

I’m gonna grab my guitar and jam with the king.


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