Thrill is gone ….. Thrill is gone away from …. him

I was so exiting to finally see my favorite guitarist this year at Jazz Fest here in Montreal. My first guitar impro was on this very song. I listened to his music so many times. Oh and this 2000s album with Eric Clapton, I swear the laser of CD player must have burn through the plastic. Everyday I have the blues, it’s just the way I am, it’s in my vein. Anyway…

When he first walked on stage, I almost had tears in eyes. Seeing this man nowhere close to all pictures/video of what he use to be. This tiny and skinny man with a golden vest barely made his way to his chair.

They played only four songs, one of which was a 30 min long version of You are my Sunshine, with a lot of random talking over the band. He barely played his guitar, and sang only one full song. When he ask for “one more time” for the 8 or 9th times people started to walk out the room. That was sad to see.

Oh and to take him out of the stage they had to go fetch his wheelchair. :(

The king should be able to rest in his castle. I don’t know who is exploiting him to keep on touring but this should stop. It will ruin his memory. For more than 60 years this man entertained us with some amazing music, he has the right to enjoy the last few years.

I almost regret going to that show. I know I witnessed one of the last concert of a legend, but I didn’t wanted to see him like that.

Enjoy and cherish the past,


This is simple blues ! A voice, a homemade guitar, a homemade cajon and a harmonica. This is where the blues come from. Simple music played on whatever you had around.  Those two fantastic musicians were elected best blues band of UK in 2012.

Just an other one for the road.

They are in the process of recording a new album and you can pre-order it on the Pledge website (link at the end)


PLEDGE — Website

Get ready to tap your feet, clap your hands, shake your head… actually it might be easier to just stand up and get crazy and I decline any responsibility if you start singing out loud. The Delta Saints make some really really good raw blues/rock. It’s been a long time since I didn’t heard rock songs that made me want to dance so much, maybe since Robert Randolph. Don’t get me wrong Alabama shakes, the black keys, Kings of leon… gave us really good songs, but they don’t have that delta groove.

Want more ?


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What more can I say ! The title of their song is perfect. This is Blues Hip-Hop ! An awesome mix of slide guitar, scratching, old samples, groovy beat and rap.

Their latest album ‘Evil & Crossroads’ came out last year and is full of great songs like this one:

If you are still 100% convinced by the talent of those boys, well, press play on the next video.

Their two albums are available on bandcamp for ‘Name your Price’ so go treat yourself with some blues hip-hop.




I’m sorry that I did not post a lot last week. We had a great blues festival in my hometown, so that’s why I was kind of busy. So what about a week of blues tunes to make it up ? I will share with you my favorites acts.

First Derrin Nauendorf. This man can play the guitar !! One voice and a guitar is all he need to take you away in his world.

The next video is a bit older but I had too share this song. It’s the first one he played the other night, and I got hook immediately.


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I was going through my feed of news when this song came up in my headphones. I just froze and was blown away by the first lick of guitar. The rest of the song is also amazing. Everything is so clean, you can hear every instruments so well, but it still get that dirty blues vibe. Love it.

I never heard about Jonathan before this morning but I know what I will listen to all day now, so thank you Jessica

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