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We will do things differently this time. First press play and then we talk:

So how do you like this great song from 1962 ! Wait what ? This was made in 2012 from a 17 years old english boy ?? I know this is crazy but true. I saw this young men walking on stage in a pair of jean and a white shirt make 12000 people dance on new “vintage” country music. It was amazing. The rest of his album is also really good. If you are missing Dylan, Cash, Young and the other you should give it a spin.

You can also grab a free song from Jake here:




I was already a fan of Pomplamoose, but now Jack Conte decided to try EDM music and he is doing great! I admire this guy, he has so much dedication to his music. Trying to do most of the thing by himself. With this new series I feel like the scenography went to a whole new level. Just as Ok Go, Jack is a pure product of our generation, homemade music videos inspired by other videos on youtube.

Check the behind the scene to realize the commitment of Jack


Patronize Jack or just get the free EP here

I know I said I will give you only blues music this week, but the Shaolin Temple Defenders were also playing at the festival I went to and I though that a funk song is perfect for a Friday ! They are one of the best Funk Band in France. It’s so easy to love them. They are true to the soul spirit. You can feel that the funk flow in their veins.

They released their new album ‘From the Inside’ last month and were featured on Okayplayer last week.



robert kellyI already talk about Robert Kelly at the beginning of this blog but I had to share a news with you. You can grab his album for free from Noisetrade (but you should really tip him cause the album is a gem!)

This album is one of the most joyful and sincere album I ever heard. I first heard him play in a small venue 2 years ago and I still listen to this album nearly every other months.

It’s really hard for me to pick one song to share, cause I love the entire album so I guess I will just put the main title and trust you to go listen the rest !!

Can’t wait for a new album ! It’s been too long Robert !

Smile & Enjoy,

Website — Noisetrade




Let’s be generous today ! An other free download. This time it’s all about the soul with the beautiful singer Alice Russell from UK.

In case you missed it, she released her first video for the new CD ‘to dust’ last november and it’s really good. So much groove and soul (and so funny). Her new album will be released on February 25th and you should definitely check it out.


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