Someday you wake up, go to the office, start to read blogs and then you press play on a music recommendation and your day just get 100 times better. I have to say that today was one of those day. “Got to call the doctor !” I think I will injure myself with all those dancing move.



And they are back ! Snarky Puppy released the first video from their new album recorded few months ago in the Netherlands. Once again this is superb funk/jazz/jam. As usual they did everything in one take concert for fans/recording of the album/and a live DVD.


Last night I had the chance to witness greatness  ! The Snarky Puppy were playing last night in Montreal. I’ve been told many times that those guys are really good and I listened to their LP a lot but it was the first seeing them live  for me. It was incredible. Their symbiosis is just perfect. They just have to look at each other to get a sick jam turning into a battle between a keyboard and a trumpet. They will also surprise the rest of the band by sliding great riff/beat while no one is watching. You can see that they are having a lot of fun on stage and that’s how you produce great show.

Their new CD is coming out September 24th featuring 8 different artists.


Bandcamp — Website

I know I said I will give you only blues music this week, but the Shaolin Temple Defenders were also playing at the festival I went to and I though that a funk song is perfect for a Friday ! They are one of the best Funk Band in France. It’s so easy to love them. They are true to the soul spirit. You can feel that the funk flow in their veins.

They released their new album ‘From the Inside’ last month and were featured on Okayplayer last week.




In few minutes Beyonce will be performing for this year Superbowl. I’m sure it will be great, but my favorite half time show was the one of 2007 with Prince. For the past few weeks P has been playing with us with a twitter/youtube account named 3rdEyeGirl. His latest formation is composed of 3 talented musician. They released their first ‘video’ this week. It’s rock’n’roll, it’s dirty, it’s old school and yet new. Well it’s good.



Let’s get funky today!

The super-band of all star musician released their first video for their single.

Rock Candy Funk Party is composed of Tal Bergman on drums, Joe Bonamassa on guitar, Ron DeJesus on guitar, Mike Merritt on bass and Renato Neto on the keyboard. I’m sure you are familiar with some of those names but just in case you are not sure where, they played with artists such as Joe Zawinul, Hugh Masekela, Prince, Ruth Brown, Chaka Khan, Simples Minds, Billy Idol, Tito Puente, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, Levon Helm, Conan O’Brien and Sheila E. You can download this superb jam for free on their website but you should also listen to the 8 other jams on their CD.


Another day, another terrible winter weather.  It’s rainy, cold and with ice on the roads. Time to switch to funky mode and just to make sure let’s play some funk mixed with some voodoo music.

Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band is the remedy to any bad day. How could you resist to afro beat, funky guitar, groovy horns, jungle sounds and spoken poetry. Anthony will not let you after 3min like most actual artists, he will make you dance for more than 6min ! Really good workout !

Let the joy come to you and Enjoy,