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The sun is back again and I’m almost done with a very big project I was working on. Time to start dancing again ! And I can see that track being on repeat this summer.



I was already a fan of Pomplamoose, but now Jack Conte decided to try EDM music and he is doing great! I admire this guy, he has so much dedication to his music. Trying to do most of the thing by himself. With this new series I feel like the scenography went to a whole new level. Just as Ok Go, Jack is a pure product of our generation, homemade music videos inspired by other videos on youtube.

Check the behind the scene to realize the commitment of Jack


Patronize Jack or just get the free EP here

Ok now that some nice EDM !! If like me you’ve really disappointed by the new Daft Punk and realized that you waited 8 years for a lounge/chill/melo album that even you gran’ma will probably listen, well you need to check this CD.

It’s a pay-as-you-want CD but until June 25th Mosh will give ALL the sales to an organization for rehabilitation of victims of sexual assault so you will get an amazing album AND do some good !

Start dancing and enjoy,


Welcome Oblivion

Again How To Destroy Angels ? Yeah sorry about that but they keep releasing new videos every other week. This is one is also brand new since “How long?” was not on the Omen EP but will be on their future album “Welcome: Oblivion”. Once again the sounds, the voices and the beat are amazing. I needed a song to get me out of addiction to the new Daughter song “Still” (see below), this one will be perfect I think.

The new album will be in store on March 5th


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How To Destroy Angels released their new video today ! It’s superb !

Trent Reznor is one of my favorite producer. I admire the way he work with sounds and ambiances, and combine with Mariqueen voice it’s beautiful. The slow build up is so discrete that you kind of wonder if there was one at the beginning. So simple but it’s hypnotizing, just as the video.

It’s kind of funny cause today they showed The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on TV and I was so excited to see again this movie mostly due his work with Atticus to create a perfect soundtrack.


BUY: HDTA store (You can still get their first EP for free)