Monthly Archives: April 2012

I dare you to not stomp you feet in rhythm with them.

I enjoy everything in this song: the simple but efficient beat, the great lyrics, the catchy chorus, the happy feeling coming out of their voices… and it’s even better when I grab my acoustic guitar and play with them. Makes me feel so good.

The only problem with this song it’s that it too short. I don’t want this feeling to stop so soon.

BRB I HAVE to go tune my guitar and play.

I joined Spotify a long time ago. Before it was on Facebook and before you could take it on your phone. Well it was still invite-only at that time. And now we can listen directly from website/blog ! Lovin it

About this song. What more than Lovin it too ! How can you resist to this joyful beat/lyrics/melody, and not start to sing out loud with them. NOW don’t you understand !!

Oh and the rest of the EP is also pretty nice. Different but still nice.