Monthly Archives: February 2014

And they are back ! Snarky Puppy released the first video from their new album recorded few months ago in the Netherlands. Once again this is superb funk/jazz/jam. As usual they did everything in one take concert for fans/recording of the album/and a live DVD.



One of those morning where you wake up with you body exhausted but your mind don’t want to stop. Processing events, thoughts, ideas, discours… and in the end you just don’t know shit. In the middle of all this useless chain of thought I remembered that Nathaniel Rateliff came up with a beautiful song on his latest album that fit really well this feeling. Makes you want to scream your lungs out with him on this simple chorus. We get some wounds but we are still trying. I would thing that we would learn from experiences but we still don’t know a goddamn thing.